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nClouds AWS Case Study | 5AM Solutions

How nClouds helped 5AM Solutions support its fast-growth business with a containerized microservices-based architecture.
About 5AM Solutions

Founded in 2003, 5AM Solutions, Inc. is a software product developer and system integrator for life science and healthcare customers. It provides cloud-based data solutions that enable healthcare organizations to design, aggregate, analyze and visualize genomic, clinical and observational data. Customers can use their platform to integrate data from multiple information systems and external sources to accelerate the discovery of drugs and treatments and improve the organization and management of complex genomic sequencing data. To learn more, go to

Healthcare, Software
Reston, VA
The Challenge
Overcome time-consuming obstacles for testing at the end of development sprints to support the rapid growth of its business.
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Overcome time-consuming obstacles for testing at the end of development sprints, to support the rapid growth of its business.

5AM Solutions was experiencing rapid growth across all areas of its organization and needed to shorten the time required to complete testing at the end of the development sprint. The company wanted to create a separate environment for each of its branches to ensure maximum quality and needed to comply with strict guidelines to protect their customers’ private data.


nClouds' Solution Architecture for 5AM Solutions

nClouds implemented AWS CloudFormation to automate 5AM Solutions’ infrastructure, an AWS Auto Scaling group to improve performance, AWS ECS for a secure environment, and Jenkins for continuous integration and delivery.

AWS CloudFormation built new environments with each pull request. nClouds built Jenkins on AWS ECS using Groovy script to create images with Git SHA and push settings to AWS ECS. Jenkins agents were scaled automatically based on the pull request.

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