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Cost optimization with containerization best practices with nClouds & AWS.

Optimize AWS Costs by Containerizing Your Applications on AWS.

The current business climate is putting pressure on organizations to identify cost savings now.

Modernizing your infrastructure using containerization can reduce costs while delivering improved application functionality.

  • Just starting your migration to AWS? Using containers in your migration strategy can help you recognize more AWS benefits sooner in your cloud journey.
  • Already migrated workloads to AWS using lift-and-shift? Containerization may be the smart next step to help you realize cost savings, scalability, and agility benefits of AWS.

Containerization is the next generation of migration and modernization, but your strategy and next steps depend on various factors – the starting point of your workloads, how fast you need to move, the skills on your team, and the readiness of your organization. AWS and nClouds can apply our deep skills and experience to help assess your readiness and create a personalized modernization plan for your organization.

Learn how nClouds, an award-winning AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, specializing in building and managing modern infrastructure solutions, regularly helps customers save 15-50% on AWS costs with containerization.