Use AWS Partners Like nClouds to Save on Costs

Jan 18, 2024 | Cost Optimization

As organizations increasingly migrate to the cloud, the importance of strategic cost savings is becoming a critical need. Nearly 90 percent of customers acknowledge that optimizing cloud spend and reducing costs are of the utmost importance. 

One way to achieve expert guidance in cost optimization is by leveraging the expertise of AWS partners, with nClouds standing out as a reliable and trusted partner in this journey. In this blog, we’ll discuss the cost challenges in cloud computing and how to leverage AWS partners like nClouds for cost efficiency. 

Cost Challenges in Cloud Computing

While the cloud offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, it also presents challenges in managing costs effectively. In fact, nearly half of all businesses struggle to control cloud spend.

Common issues include the tendency to over-provision resources, where the ease of scaling up can inadvertently lead to inflated costs. For example, a retail company might allocate excessive computing resources throughout the year to ensure uninterrupted performance during peak shopping seasons, resulting in unnecessary expenses during off-peak periods.

Another challenge is the lack of visibility into usage patterns within complex cloud infrastructures. Without a clear understanding of resource utilization, businesses aren’t able to see what to prioritize while attempting to optimize costs. In the following sections, we explore how partnering with AWS experts like nClouds can provide tailored solutions to combat these challenges and pave the way for strategic cost optimization.

Leveraging AWS Partners for Cost Efficiency

The AWS Partner Network serves as a valuable ecosystem connecting businesses with AWS experts. Among these 130,000 partners from over 200 countries, nClouds emerges as a key player offering comprehensive solutions for cost efficiency. 

There are many benefits to partnering with a specific partner like nClouds, which is credentialed as a Premier Tier Services Partner, Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner, and AWS Well-Architected Partner. These include the following: 

  1. Cost-effective solutions: AWS partners like nClouds specialize in delivering solutions that not only meet technical requirements but also ensure cost-effectiveness.
  2. Expertise in AWS cost management tools: With in-depth knowledge of AWS cost management tools, these partners can help businesses navigate and leverage these tools for optimal results.
  3. Proven track record: The top accredited partners should be able to boast a track record of successful cost optimization, backed by satisfied clients who have achieved tangible savings.

nClouds’ Approach to Cost Savings with FinOps

The nClouds FinOps program serves as a robust solution designed to identify and capitalize on opportunities for cost optimization. nClouds employs a range of tools and best practices for cost optimization, categorized into administrative and technical aspects.


  • Consolidated Billing: Streamlining billing processes for improved visibility
  • Enterprise Discount Program: Leveraging discounts for significant cost savings
  • Savings Plans and Reserved Instances: Optimizing costs through strategic planning
  • Flexible Billing Options: Adapting billing structures to suit business needs


  • Observability: Gaining insights into usage patterns for informed decision-making
  • Modernization: Upgrading and optimizing infrastructure for efficiency
  • Rightsizing: Ensuring resources match actual needs, avoiding over-provisioning
  • Type Migration: Migrating to cost-effective instance types
  • Scheduled Resources: Optimizing costs by scheduling resource usage

With the nClouds FinOps program, businesses can not only cut costs but also position their IT departments as strategic contributors to the company’s overall vision and growth.

How to Get Started

Embarking on a journey toward effective cost savings through a partnership with AWS experts like nClouds requires a well-defined and strategic approach. To kick-start the process, businesses should conduct a thorough assessment of their current cloud environment. This involves evaluating existing infrastructure, identifying pain points, and understanding specific areas where cost optimization is needed. 

Once the assessment is complete, businesses should initiate a dialogue with their preferred partner to discuss their challenges, goals, and expectations. This involves scheduling consultations with AWS experts like nClouds to gain insights into the tailored solutions they can provide. These consultations serve as a valuable opportunity to assess the partner’s understanding of the business’s unique requirements and their ability to craft a customized strategy for effective cost savings.

Getting started with an AWS partner like nClouds involves a systematic approach of assessing current infrastructure, researching potential partners, and engaging in meaningful consultations. By following these steps, businesses can pave the way for a collaborative and impactful partnership that drives significant cost savings in their cloud journey.

Leveraging the expertise of AWS partners like nClouds is a great way to facilitate effective cost savings. By embracing partnerships with AWS experts like nClouds, businesses not only address current challenges but also pave the way for maximum cost optimization on AWS. 


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