nClouds Helps Data Management Company Save 40% on Overall AWS Bill

Apr 24, 2023 | AWS, Migration

Woflow, a thriving company in the cloud-based software industry, was able to see an incredible 40 percent reduction in its overall AWS expenses after partnering with nClouds to upgrade its cloud infrastructure.

The San Francisco-based data management company needed to migrate more of its cloud onto AWS and increase automation. The company worked with nClouds to modernize its application and optimize scalability, efficiency, and costs. nClouds also helped Woflow build automation for complex merchant tasks.

In this blog, we will discuss how nClouds revamped Woflow’s AWS infrastructure

The Challenge

To boost scalability and efficiency, Woflow aimed to migrate the backend of its application from Heroku to AWS, while its frontend was already up and running in AWS.

The company also wanted to automate environment buildout using AWS CloudFormation, modernize its application by containerizing it with Amazon ECS, and implement an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and a proper network structure.

The Solution

nClouds assembled a team of talented DevOps specialists—who were fully dedicated to revamping and sustaining Woflow’s AWS infrastructure—to bring to life the company’s ambitious plan for optimizing DevOps initiatives.

nClouds helped Woflow improve its application suite by migrating it from Heroku to AWS, boosting scalability and operational efficiency. It also deployed both backend services to the new Amazon ECS platform, using Redis as a cache and Postgres to store data.

“We were so impressed with nClouds’ work to help us migrate Woflow from Heroku to Amazon ECS that we asked them to provide ongoing Managed DevOps Services to improve and maintain our application suite,” said Andrew Harasta, senior software engineer at Woflow.

Through its managed services, the nClouds team continues to proactively identify and mitigate related issues and supports and communicates regularly with Woflow’s development team. nClouds maintains and anticipates the need for a range of processes and functions to improve operations while cutting expenses and problems for developers.


Partnering with nClouds, Woflow now boasts a cutting-edge application that aligns seamlessly with AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices. The project has yielded numerous benefits, including the following:

  • 40 percent savings on the overall AWS bill: As part of the Monthly Cost Optimization Reviews that nClouds provides with AWS consolidated billing, the nClouds team found and implemented two changes that resulted in 40 percent savings on the overall AWS bill.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and faster time to market: With a modernized application on AWS, Woflow can more efficiently manage its data, which improves time to market and provides Woflow with a competitive advantage.
  • Improved scalability and reliability: The new Amazon ECS platform enables Woflow to scale its application as needed and has resulted in improved reliability, which is crucial for improved data management.

Overall, nClouds helped Woflow achieve remarkable results by revamping its AWS infrastructure, including migrating its application suite to AWS, containerizing with Amazon ECS, and implementing a proper network structure. Woflow’s modernized application aligns seamlessly with AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices, providing a competitive advantage for the thriving cloud-based software company. Read the full case study here.


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