Investing in the growth of nClouds — our team, customers, and partners

May 11, 2022 | Announcements, CEO, Migration, MSP

I’m incredibly excited to announce that Charles Thayne Capital and I have acquired nClouds and that I have been named CEO of the company. nClouds embodies the vision of the type of company that I have wanted to lead and grow.

After leaving my last company, Teem Technologies, more than two years ago, I set out to build or create a sustainable, growth-oriented company that helped other businesses achieve their desired state of cloud infrastructure. My goal was to solve the same pain point that Teem experienced. That is, to help future-proof companies by efficiently managing and scaling their cloud infrastructures.

For a successful SaaS company to grow, it must solve problems for its customers by creating, building, testing, and scaling that product to reach an ever greater market. I believe we did this pretty well. Yes, we created a strong internal culture. And yes, we offered great perks and benefits. We even had a slide in our office! But, in reviewing my performance these past few years, I found that the one downside was that I wasn’t able to spend enough time building people. Growing people. I learned that by directing my focus to providing education and training to the team, they became empowered to do exceptional work.

Now, we are in a period of spectacular technological growth, growth that began when businesses first migrated to the Internet – and then began migrating to the cloud. The accelerated growth rate of public cloud adoption and the percentage of workloads that have yet to be migrated to the cloud is astronomical. I believe that we are still in the early stages of full cloud implementation spanning all market segments. This growth has created a significant focus by technology leaders of most companies on optimizing, scaling, and fully securing their current public cloud infrastructure, and I don’t foresee the growth of this market opportunity slowing anytime soon.

The capability to take advantage of this market opportunity requires the right partnerships. That’s why I began a conversation with Matt Marsh of Charles Thayne Capital, who I’ve known and respected for many years. We started looking for a company that fit the parameters of a vision document I composed in early 2021. Our search finally led us to a remarkable company in the Bay Area, nClouds. Already an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, nClouds fit perfectly with the vision document I had created.

For nine years, nClouds has been a remote-first organization, enabling it to find and develop talent on a global scale. While talent is relatively evenly distributed, I deeply believe that opportunity should be more evenly distributed. Therefore, I also believe that if we provide opportunities to talented individuals wherever they are, we’ll be able to unlock massive value. We would include the concept of an internal “university” to continue training and developing that talent, and create more of it.

There’s a massive shortage of technical DevOps, SRE, DevSecOps, CloudOps, FinOps and many other areas of managing cloud infrastructure. nClouds University was created three years ago to address this market challenge. Since its creation, scores of people have received training and achieved external certifications in various cloud technologies. This training has benefited both the participants and many nClouds customers. And empowered nClouds’ growth.

It is the very foundation I had envisioned for a company with the potential for sustainable growth, a global reach, and a world-class impact on employees and customers. We would be a company that is “refreshingly friendly.” A company that is open to new perspectives, because I love gaining and sharing new perspectives with each other, our customers, and the market in general. In this interchange of perspectives, this combination of a diverse set of views and experiences, we can build an amazing organization together.

I found this foundation, and the seeds of each of these areas in nClouds.

My excitement continues to grow as we announce the acquisition and the leadership team that is joining our company. Members of that leadership team are people with whom I’ve been working in preparation for this transition. I have worked with and have known Scott Jensen, Kelly Chamberlain, and Adam Wardel in various capacities over the years. Each brings incredible talent to our organization.

We intend to fulfill the potential of nClouds. This means playing to win by investing in our team, who will, in turn, invest their talents and skills in the success of our customers. We will invest in relationships and we will invest in growth, not for growth’s sake, but for the sake of helping each of our customers future-proof their organizations.

It’s our goal for everyone at nClouds to reach their full potential, to stretch and grow, to reach outward and upward, and to gain new perspectives, so that by consequence our customers and partners will reach their full potential. In doing so, we will realize nClouds’ potential.

I am so excited about this journey ahead. Please join me and our awesome community of nClouds team members, customers, and partners. We’d love to work with you to tackle your stickiest challenges, deliver innovation faster, and create awesome experiences for your customers.

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Shaun Ritchie
I am a creator, builder, and investor. CEO of nClouds, an award-winning, technology-enabled provider of DevOps, SRE, and cloud modernization services.