How nClouds Built a Robust AWS Infrastructure for a Mortgage Tech Company

May 23, 2023 | AWS

Organizations need a robust and secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to support their innovative solutions in the fast-paced world of financial technology.

One such organization was UpEquity, a mortgage technology company based in Austin with a mission to revolutionize the homebuying experience. By offering its “Buy with Cash” program, the company enables homebuyers to make competitive all-cash offers that are more likely to be accepted than traditional mortgages.

To help UpEquity achieve its business goals, nClouds rose to the challenge of building a well-architected multi-account strategy that not only met UpEquity’s requirements but also ensured payment card industry (PCI) compliance. In this blog, we will explore how nClouds implemented a powerful solution architecture and the outstanding results it delivered for UpEquity.

The Challenge

UpEquity faced the complex task of managing multiple AWS accounts while ensuring PCI compliance. It needed an efficient way to govern accounts, provision and decommission them, and maintain rigorous security measures. Recognizing the importance of a reliable partner, the VP of engineering chose nClouds based on its exceptional track record, AWS expertise, and professionalism.

UpEquity sought a rapid launch of its mortgage platform, and it understood that AWS could provide the scalability, flexibility, and security it needed. Having worked with nClouds in the past, the VP of engineering was impressed by the sales team’s professionalism, efficient delivery of the statement of work (SoW), and extensive knowledge of AWS. Witnessing the quality of nClouds’ work, he invited nClouds to be UpEquity’s trusted MSP for ongoing DevOps services.

The Solution

To establish a solid foundation for UpEquity’s AWS infrastructure, nClouds proposed a well-architected multi-account strategy that aligned with best practices and met the requirements of PCI compliance. This approach enabled UpEquity to support innovation, enforce security controls, limit access to sensitive data, and reduce the scope of adverse events. The key components of nClouds’ solution included the following:

  1. Automation for Accelerated Innovation: By leveraging AWS Control Tower’s automation and governance model, UpEquity’s engineers gained more time and focus for innovation.
  2. Cost Optimization: Consolidated billing provided by AWS enabled UpEquity to optimize costs effectively. The usage across all accounts was combined, resulting in volume pricing discounts and reserved instance discounts.
  3. Enhanced Compliance, Security, and Governance: With a multi-account environment, UpEquity could establish grouping mechanisms to ensure PCI compliance across accounts.

The Results

UpEquity’s collaboration with nClouds yielded exceptional results:

  • A Best-Practices Well-Architected Multi-account Environment: UpEquity now possesses a highly scalable and secure AWS infrastructure that aligns with industry best practices. The multi-account strategy ensures agility, scalability, and robust security measures.
  • Streamlined Compliance: UpEquity successfully implemented comprehensive internal controls, achieving PCI compliance requirements with ease. The grouping mechanisms within the multi-account environment ensured that each account adhered to necessary compliance standards.
  • Increased Security: The implemented security measures significantly reduced the “blast radius” in the event of a security incident or misconfiguration. Continuous monitoring, detection, and alerting mechanisms provided additional layers of security for UpEquity’s AWS environment.

Through its collaboration with nClouds, UpEquity achieved a powerful and PCI-compliant multi-account AWS infrastructure. The well-architected environment enabled accelerated innovation, cost optimization, and enhanced compliance, security, and governance.

By partnering with a trusted partner like nClouds, UpEquity has set the stage for continued success in the highly competitive landscape of financial technology.

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