Rapid data lake development with data lake as code using AWS CloudFormation

24Nov,20 Post Image

This advanced-level blog post will help you learn how to accelerate data lake development with a data lake as code approach using a Cloud Development Kit (CDK) powered by AWS CloudFormation.

It includes a brief overview of data lakes, outline of nClouds’ proof of concept (PoC) strategy, use case, data set, and the integration of services we used to analyze fintech data. The post includes a link to the reference GitHub repo. Plus, it refers to a previous AWS PoC in the life sciences domain that includes Amazon Redshift and Amazon QuickSight.

Read the blog post on AWS Partner Network (APN), by Kireet Kokala, VP Big Data & Analytics at nClouds, and nClouds Senior DevOps Engineers Fernando Gonzalez, Deepu Mathew, and Carlos Rodriguez (10 mins): https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/apn/rapid-data-lake-development-with-data-lake-as-code-using-aws-cloudformation/

View the related on-demand workshop, Data Lake as Code on AWS Implementation Workshop (60 mins): https://www.nclouds.com/resources/webinar_data_lake

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