nClouds and AWS Teamed Up for a Successful Immersion Day!

Mar 1, 2023 | Announcements, Migration

At nClouds, we love any opportunity we have to help companies deliver better products faster and create awesome customer experiences. That’s why we were so excited to cohost an Immersion Day this week with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and meet with individuals interested in migrating their workloads to AWS.

With a 34 percent share of the worldwide cloud infrastructure market, AWS is the leading provider of global cloud infrastructure services. Immersion Day was the perfect opportunity for local professionals to learn what sets AWS apart through an introduction to the cloud framework, the AWS Migration Acceleration Program, and the role of partners in migration and modernization.

Introduction to the Cloud Framework

Joe Healy, primary migration specialist at Amazon Web Services, began the discussion with an introduction to the key facets of the AWS Cloud Framework: modernize, optimize, and monetize. Each of these foundational pillars is crucial to the successful implementation of cloud architecture.


Modernization focuses on a company’s evolution through the development of modern applications, engendering a culture of innovation, attracting talent, and delighting customers. Before a company can achieve results, it needs to develop a product, business model, and team that satisfy customer needs and align with the company’s goals.

AWS’s cloud services help companies meet their modernization needs by providing the most innovative and relevant suite of cloud services. With so many advanced tools to choose from, companies can select the services that best align with their goals.


Optimization emphasizes the importance of saving a company time and money whenever possible. Companies can often meet all of their cloud-based needs with AWS for a much lower cost than they could with competitors due to AWS’s modular as-needed pricing structure.

Additionally, migrating to AWS’s cloud-based infrastructure facilitates more-efficient processes. Engineering teams operating on AWS have a cohesive system of tools that provides all the agility they need to quickly complete and pivot between project tasks.


Monetization concentrates on the diverse ways that Amazon Web Services allows companies to monetize their product offerings and services. Using AWS, companies can expand and diversify their revenue streams beyond their original monetization strategy. Moreover, AWS facilitates service monetization by offering a number of monetization models and expertise on how companies can best implement a model to suit their needs.

The Migration Acceleration Program

Amazon Web Services developed the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) in order to assist companies with their migration to AWS. MAP reduces the risks associated with migrating workloads or modernizing a cloud infrastructure and ensures that companies are implementing industry best practices in three steps:

1. Assess

The first step of the MAP program begins with a migration readiness assessment (MRA). This assessment gauges the current status of a company’s cloud infrastructure and evaluates that company’s readiness to migrate or modernize with AWS.

2. Mobilize

The second step consists of cataloging a company’s strengths and weaknesses and then shifts into active planning. During this phase, clients and AWS work together to determine an operating model, create a migration plan, and ensure that the migration or modernization process will meet all security and compliance requirements.

3. Migrate and Modernize

The final step implements the plans that were codesigned in step 2.

The Role of Partners in Migration or Modernization

In the second half of Immersion Day, Andrew Gregory and Callin Lindsay, account executive and enterprise architect at nClouds, focused their presentation on how we can assist companies with their migrations and modernizations:

  1. We provide consulting services to walk companies through the MAP program and to ensure that clients are implementing a complementary set of AWS tools and services.
  2. We provide direct hands-on keyboard assistance, with our team of experienced cloud consultants and engineers helping with the routine implementation so company leaders can focus on the big picture.
  3. We guide companies to obtain funding, as AWS often approves funding for clients that are migrating or modernizing their cloud infrastructure. We begin by understanding the terminal outcomes and objectives of the migration or modernization. Next, we work with clients to determine potential solutions and build an architecture diagram outlining possible solutions. From there, we use the Simple Monthly Calculator (SMC) to build an estimate of the cost of migrating and assist the client in submitting a funding request to Amazon Web Services.
  4. Most importantly, we support our clients as they complete their migration or modernization.

Immersion Day 2023 was an amazing opportunity for us to meet up with current and future customers interested in cloud architecture. Don’t get left behind! Register for upcoming events and webinars to get the latest insights into DevOps, modern cloud infrastructure solutions, and more with nClouds and AWS by visiting


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