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What we mean by DevOps

Our DevOps consulting services help unify software developers and IT operations teams by automating processes, improving communications, and optimizing workflow. The whole point of DevOps is to deliver your software product faster than the other guys.

Whether you’re new to DevOps or a seasoned pro looking for ways to improve product delivery, our DevOps consulting services can help you create exceptional products and customer experiences, with predictability.

DevOps applies core principles of collaboration, automation, and feedback to drive team effectiveness and efficiency across the software delivery lifecycle so you can accelerate idea-to-cash. Ultimately, DevOps involves people, processes, and technology. This includes:

  • Engaging and aligning stakeholders, including software engineering, IT/cloud ops, SRE, product management, QA/test, security, and more.
  • Automating everything with tools and modern infrastructure.
  • Creating feedback loops that keep continuous delivery on target.

Signs that your business needs DevOps Services

  • Slow, resource-intensive software releases impede your business agility.
  • Your best engineers are stretched thin between innovating and maintaining current systems.
  • You want to improve quality of service (QoS) and customer satisfaction.
  • Your team has a considerable challenge controlling system downtime - both because of ineffective troubleshooting and the inability to reduce mean time to recovery (MTTR).

nClouds DevOps Services benefits

Adopt battle-tested best practices in infrastructure development on AWS.

Re-architect your application stack with cloud-native design principles.

Implement fully automated CI/CD pipelines to support faster innovation.

Observe both team and system performance to enable continuous improvement.

Focus your team on innovation while we support your infrastructure.

Get ongoing access to a broad set of DevOps skills and expertise.

nClouds gets it done

We’re experts at delivering comprehensive and successful DevOps solutions for organizations in a wide range of industries. From small startups to giant enterprises, we’re the go-to source for DevOps consulting in the US.



nClouds is an AWS DevOps consultant with more than a decade of experience, and we apply that expertise to your DevOps initiatives. nClouds has executed hundreds of AWS DevOps implementations and deployed hundreds of pipelines.


DevOps Credentials

We’re a certified AWS Premier Consulting Partner, audited AWS MSP Partner, AWS Public Sector Partner, AWS Well-Architected Partner, and AWS Authorized Reseller, with AWS Competencies in DevOps, Data & Analytics, Migration, and SaaS. Our team members have earned designations including AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Associate, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional, AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional, as well as advanced certifications in Kubernetes, Datadog, and more.



Our integrated team of DevOps consultants, engineers, architects, developers, SREs, and project managers have cutting-edge skills, certifications, and a passion for delivering solutions across the DevOps landscape and toolchain. We combine open-source tools with paid solutions to create and maintain your DevOps infrastructure. What’s more, nClouds’ unique engagement style makes us an extension of your team, so we achieve effective collaboration and tight alignment.

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How we help

nClouds embraces industry-leading frameworks, tools, and services to build sustainable systems for delivering quality software faster.


Infrastructure Build-Out and Automation

Using top-of-the-line tools, services, and DevOps expertise, nClouds builds automation to streamline how you provision, manage, and support your cloud infrastructure. This reduces cost and helps you go faster.

  • What We Do

    Build out cloud infrastructure, implement inventory and configuration management, automate provisioning, adopt governance

    • Capture your entire cloud infrastructure as code.
    • Adopt battle-tested practices in infrastructure development.
    • Implement high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR).
    • Adopt proper network design.
    • Properly separate your environments.

    Key Benefits

    • Easily spin up your workload in other regions and create new environments on demand.
    • Achieve consistency across all of your environments.
    • Track and manage change with ease.
    • Reduce exposure and security risks.
    • Attain faster compliance.
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Containers, Microservices, and Serverless

We develop your container strategy to help you deploy software quickly and efficiently. And, we’ll help you adopt a microservices architecture to improve resource utilization and scalability, enable innovation, and accelerate time-to-market. With a serverless architecture, your developers can focus on your core product instead of servers or runtimes.

  • What We Do

    Compute services, containerization

    • Migrate your workload to a superior architecture.

    Key Benefits

    • Set up your infrastructure to handle growth.
    • Adopt elasticity to handle spikes in demand.
    • Improve resource utilization.
    • Improve developer efficiency by eliminating intermediate steps from dev to prod.
    • Achieve portability and deployment flexibility across environments and use cases.
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Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Pipelines

We can help you automate your software delivery process to initiate automated build, test, and deploy as your code changes. CI/CD pipelines will enable your application development teams to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably.

  • What We Do

    Development and continuous integration services, software config management

    • Create fully automated CI/CD pipelines with industry best practices.
    • Enable one-click deployments and rollback.
    • Adopt advanced deployment models like Blue/Green, Canary, and Rolling.

    Key Benefits

    • Improve operational efficiency.
    • Build short feedback loops to iterate product features using an Agile approach.
    • Accelerate delivery of value for your customers.
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Monitoring, Logging & Security

We will integrate monitoring and implement a single pane of glass to provide visibility into your infrastructure. We will implement best practices to improve your security posture and integrate tools to provide ongoing protection against evolving threats.

  • What We Do

    Cloud management, governance, incident management, security/identity/compliance services

    • Provide customized alerts to detect anomalies.
    • Detect performance bottlenecks.
    • Integrate your cloud infrastructure with internal communication tools and drive operations via chatbots.
    • Provide secured internal access.
    • Apply best practices for AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) configuration.
    • Provide centralized log aggregation.
    • Implement security incident response.

    Key Benefits

    • Track and optimize cloud costs, performance, and availability.
    • Mitigate security risks, protect against data loss.
    • Protect against DDoS/ business interruption.
    • Support regulatory compliance.
    • Monitor the end-user experience.
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DevOps Consulting Services

We provide DevOps consulting to help you maintain and grow your cloud infrastructure. Select from our suggested modernization solutions and have us customize these solutions for your specific requirements. You can also use these services to implement your project roadmap or troubleshoot and solve one-off problems.

  • What We Do

    • Assess your current infrastructure and processes using DevOps best practices, and provide a roadmap to solve pain points and retire technical debt.
    • Automate the processes in your software delivery lifecycle to improve collaboration, monitoring, management, and reporting.
    • Build infrastructures that are fully compliant and safe from external threats or data breaches and are designed to help improve your new product velocity and business agility.
    • Develop PoCs for adopting new technologies.
    • Provide ongoing DevOps Advisory Services and guidance to your team.

    Key Benefits

    • Augment your existing team in a cost-effective way.
    • Stay within your budget with a fixed fee.
    • Gain flexibility to scale your team up or down.
    • Achieve better business results with fewer issues and surprises.
    • Access a broader set of skills and DevOps experience.
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Managed DevOps Service

nClouds’ Managed DevOps Service automates your software delivery lifecycle processes to improve collaboration, monitoring, management, and reporting. Our on-call 24/7 Support Services help you maximize uptime and business continuity. More than half of nClouds consulting clients use our support services.

  • What We Do

    Fully managed compute, source control, database, infrastructure, and governance services.

    • Deliver DevOps-as-a-Service, a set of connected tools that facilitate collaboration between your dev and ops teams.
    • Provide 24x7x365 support for incident resolution.

    Key Benefits

    • Your engineers can focus on developing new product features while we take care of your DevOps infrastructure.
    • On-call support is available with or without DevOps services
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Toolkits we use frequently

nClouds embraces industry-leading frameworks, tools, and services to build sustainable systems for delivering quality software faster.

Automation & Configuration


Managed Compute

aws elastic beanstalk
aws fargate
aws lambda


travis ci
aws codebuild
code deploy
aws codePipeline

Container Orchestration & Management

amazon elastic kubernetes
amazon elastic container service


amazon ce2
amazon ce2 auto scaling

Source Control

aws codeCommit

Monitoring, Logging & Log Analytics

new relic

Infrastructure as Code

aws cloudFormation

Security, Identity & Compliance

alert logic
amazon guardDuty
amazon inspector
aws identity and access management
aws secrets manager
aws waf
open vpn

Data & Analytics

amazon athena
amazon aurora
amazon daynamoDB
amazon emr
amazon kinesis
amazon quicksight
amazon rds
amazo redshift
amazon sagerMaker
amazon s3
aws glue
mongo DB

Incident Management


Management & Governance

amazon cloudWatch
aws service
aws cloudFormation
aws cloudTrail
aws config
aws opsWorks
aws systems manager
  • nClouds has been the trusted partner for my distributed team, across five countries. Within our first engagement, they partnered with us on a critical project that enabled us to automate and deploy services from our next-generation energy platform regionally and globally. We could not have hit these targets if not for their well-architected and well-executed work. Exceptionally talented folks!"
    — John Basmadjian, CTO & CPO, Shell New Energies Group, Royal Dutch Shell Read case study
  • nClouds is our extended team that manages DevOps services and provides ongoing support of our AWS infrastructure. This partnership has leveraged the Yewno team to focus on product innovation for our AI platform offering. This focus, combined with powerful automation like our CI/CD pipeline, has helped us deliver faster, with reduced costs, and better predictability.”
    — Brendan Volheim, CTO, Yewno Read case study
  • nClouds’ work to integrate CI/CD within our deployment pipeline is enabling our fast-growth company to accelerate the delivery of new features. Their expertise in containerization and migrating Heroku to AWS has enhanced our ability to scale to support increased demand as Nylas expands its global reach.”
    — Michael Pfister, Head of Product, Nylas Read case study
  • To provide a superb collaboration platform to our customers, it’s critical for the Teamworks app to excel in performance efficiency and scalability. With nClouds’ expertise in migration and DevOps, we were able to optimize our app to deliver high availability, low latency, consistent performance, and scalable capacity.”
    — Bill Berzinskas, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Manager, Teamworks Read case study
  • In nClouds we found a partner who became an extension of our team, sharing our passion and goals. And we got a broad, expert skill set with DevOps, containers, AWS infrastructure, and cloud management that has delivered a modern infrastructure for growth and innovation that has empowered us to rapidly evolve our product offerings.”
    — Spin Wang, Co-Founder & COO, TetraScience Read case study
  • Partnering with nClouds has helped TuneIn implement a DevOps culture. With that culture comes speed. With speed, it allows us to deploy code, deploy applications faster, it helps us innovate faster, align with groups, and everyone’s marching to one goal ... From a future standpoint, we’re aiming for the Holy Grail — automate everything ... and nClouds gives us that additional expertise that’s going to make that a reality.”
    — Jose Panlilio, Manager, Technical Operations, TuneIn Watch video
  • I was impressed with nClouds’ DevOps expertise and the application modernization solution they designed and implemented to enhance LYT’s security, high availability, and fault tolerance."
    — Dustin Harber, Chief Technology Officer, LYT Read case study

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