DevOps as a Service

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DevOps as a Service

At nClouds, we know how important it is for your company to have infrastructure automation, high availability, and a secure architecture. We have a proven track record of delivering comprehensive DevOps solutions for businesses across multiple industries, and expertise in building complex cloud solutions for a diverse range of applications.

As a leading DevOps consultant and service provider, we combine open source tools with paid solutions to create and maintain your cloud infrastructure so that you can deliver software with confidence every time. We bring a decade of experience to your team – giving you the capability to innovate fast in the cloud.

Our DevOps as a Service solution gives you the ability to automate all processes in your entire software delivery lifecycle, release new products quickly, increase your customer satisfaction, and increase your overall competitive advantage.

As a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with DevOps Competency, we have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to implement DevOps as a Service within your organization. We follow best practices to ensure your infrastructure is fully compliant and safe from any external threats or data breaches.

Whether your goal is to reduce costs or scale your business, you can rest assured that nClouds has a solution that’s perfect for you. We’re experts at designing, planning, implementing or configuring cloud systems, and we provide advice and recommendations to help you make the most out of your infrastructure.

Why Implement DevOps with nClouds?

Implementing a DevOps culture in your organization is the first step to building a world-class company and creating amazing products for your customers. In traditional environments, the IT operations and software development teams work in silos and often deal with inefficiencies and delays. DevOps practices enable for better collaboration between these teams, which leads to shorter development cycles and higher quality products.

From our experience, we’ve seen that companies that implement DevOps increase their productivity by more than ten times on average. This increase in productivity leads to more efficiency and innovation, as well as better governance for all applications on the company’s cloud environment. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.


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DevOps AWS Implementations

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Industry-Leading & Certified AWS Consulting Partners

Deployment pipeline

As a company, your focus is to deliver value to your customer fast. However, manual deployments and build-related issues can set you back. We leverage our decade of experience in building custom deployment pipelines, so you can release software confidence each time.


Advanced monitoring

nClouds is a Datadog partner. We provide free Datadog monitoring for startups, so you can obtain visibility into your infrastructure to catch issues before they become critical and have an impact on your customers.



We leverage Docker and orchestration engines like Kubernetes and ECS to scale your infrastructure based on your needs. With Docker, you’ll be able to improve your application development process and reduce barriers between your software development and IT teams.


24/7 support

Our team of certified AWS engineers will be part of your on-call rotation. We’ll work with you to develop run books and resolve issues within minutes.



Each of our clients receives a login to Okta – helping them save hours in managing users across their infrastructure.


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