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AWS Cost Optimization: Reimagine Your AWS Commitment Lifecycle.
How DevOps Teams Use SRE to Innovate Faster with Reliability
Migrating to Heroku on AWS: Join experts from nClouds and AWS to learn how to migrate your infrastructure to Heroku on AWS.
AWS Migration: Lessons for Fast-Growth Companies
AWS Migration: Lessons for Fast-Growth Companies
Kubernetes on AWS: Observability
Kubernetes on AWS: GitOps
Kubernetes on AWS: Advanced Networking
Data Lake as Code on AWS Implementation Workshop
Kubernetes on AWS: Multi-Arch Workloads with AWS Graviton2
Apache Hudi on Amazon EMR Readiness Workshop
Hassle-Free Kubernetes on AWS
AWS Well-Architected: Build Better Architecture, Better Business
AWS Migration Readiness Workshop – On-Demand | Getting You Ready to Migrate to AWS
nOps | How Uber ATG Reduced AWS Costs 15% in 30 Days
5C’s Series: Cloud Migration
5C’s Series: Faster Innovation with Confidence
5C’s Series: Scaling Cloud Infrastructure for Millions of Devices

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