Mayur Raiturkar

Mayur Raiturkar

DevOps Team Lead

aws solutions architect associate kubernetes security specialist kubernetes-administrator

Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine."

— Alan Turing, English mathematician

Mayur’s fascination with the world of computer science began at eight years old when he received his first computer as a gift from his parents. His intrigue with what Mayur calls “...the greatest invention human beings have ever created” grew into a love of science and technology and blossomed into a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Goa Engineering College. Mayur later added several technical certifications to his credentials, including AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist, and Certified Kubernetes Administrator.

Mayur began his technical career after graduation in 2018 when he took a DevOps position with a small startup company. Because he ran the product management and business development departments as well as DevOps, Mayur learned leadership and innovative multi-tasking while honing his technical expertise. This experience and his developed skill sets created the perfect transition to nClouds.

Mayur joined nClouds as a DevOps Engineer in 2020. He was promoted to DevOps Team Lead in 2021 because of his ability to lead and think “outside the box.” Mayur’s ability to design, deploy, and evaluate applications on AWS within diverse, complex requirements fit perfectly with nClouds’ cloud-native goals to customize their work to meet the ever-increasing diversity of cloud-native architectures. For example, Mayur and his team showed their innovative creativity when they automated the lifecycle management of a database object using Kubernetes Operator, a cloud-native Kubernetes function.

Their goal was to build a Minimum Viable Project for a large corporation. This was built for their new line of multi-tenancy managed services. This is analogous to nClouds building a new service for AWS like Amazon RDS or Amazon Aurora RDS. Plus, Mayur said, “...the entire system was designed and built using cloud-native solutions.” This example is the type of innovation and creativity by Mayur and his team that occurs so often at nClouds that they make it seem commonplace and easy, but that’s the environment at nClouds, steel sharpening steel.

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