Marius Ducea

Marius Ducea

VP DevOps Practice

What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do."
Tim Ferriss

Marius joined nClouds as Vice President - DevOps Practice in 2020. Having known and brainstormed with nClouds founder, JT Giri, for quite a long time, he was excited about the prospect of working with him and the nClouds team. “Helping nClouds grow to the next level was too appealing an offer to turn down.”

Before joining nClouds, Marius founded and ran a DevOps consulting company, Opscale. He worked with various San Francisco Bay Area startups (big and small) to solve infrastructure automation challenges. Clients included companies such as Admob, Episodic (both acquired by Google), (acquired by eBay), DemandForce (Intuit), Deutsche Telekom, Thumbtack, Zillow, and Omnyway.

At nClouds, he leads our DevOps practice to launch existing and future solutions and products, help position nClouds as a recognized thought leader in the DevOps space, and help our DevOps engineers grow and get better every day. “We are doing amazing work and have great results, so the next step is to have people recognize our brand as a powerhouse in the AWS ecosystem.”

Marius has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu in Romania.

When he’s not growing nClouds’ practice in DevOps, he enjoys obstacle racing. He finished his second full marathon in February 2020 in Austin and the Dallas Ultra Spartan Race in October 2019 (30+ miles and 70 obstacles that took him about 10 hours to complete).

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