JT Giri

JT Giri

CEO & Founder

It's about clients' business results, so success for us is when one of our own clients says, 'Our clients now trust us to deliver quality products fast and iteratively – we're innovators!’”

Interview with JT Giri in InsightsSuccess, December 2017

JT has a passion for solving technical challenges, which he has applied to DevOps and cloud consulting for more than a dozen years, helping numerous Silicon Valley-based startups and enterprises solve complex operations challenges. He traces his passion for cloud computing to 2006 while working with the Amazon EC2 beta. A technically-savvy entrepreneur, he co-founded nClouds in 2012 to drive cloud adoption and help companies build and manage modern infrastructures that enable faster innovation.

With his prior experience as a DevOps consultant, network engineer, systems architect, and sysadmin, JT brings deep tech and analytical skills to nClouds in cloud computing infrastructure, cloud platforms, agile methodologies, and popular tools and practices for continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

A continuous learner, JT loves new technology. When he is not working with nClouds clients, he is doing CrossFit or yoga.

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