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Amit Goswami

On-Call Team Lead

Let technology take care of the toil so that you can devote your time to innovating.”

Amit is passionate about working on new technologies. He joined nClouds in 2016 because he wanted to be part of nClouds’ innovation culture that delivers client value. Amit gets amped leading challenging on-call team projects to provide timely SLA-level support of clients’ cloud infrastructure.

Amit brings to nClouds a belief that talent alone is not enough to succeed – it requires working your tail off and persevering to improve your skills and expand your experience. He began his career as a System Engineer, progressing to Senior System Engineer, Linux System Administrator, and AWS Administrator at several tech companies.

Amit has a Bachelor’s in Computer Application (BCA) degree. When he’s not busy supporting nClouds’ clients, he enjoys traveling, watching Discovery Channel and news, and getting into tech gadgets and home automation.

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