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  • At nDimensional, we use machine learning to help clients turn big data into actionable intelligence. Assessing the impact of nClouds on our journey, I am impressed by the combination of culture and deep skills to empower change, agility, and momentum.”
    Curt Lefebvre, Ph.D.

    Founder & CEO, nDimensional

  • I cannot say enough about the nClouds team. Their work and efforts are tremendous and they take great care of our environment. In nClouds, we found the next level of innovation, experience, and ability to adopt new technologies.”
    Marc Goodell,

    VP, Environments & Infrastructure, 6Connex

  • If needed, we can go from coding to production the same day. This was something we couldn’t have dreamed of when we first started this project with nClouds. Even though it was part of the vision, when looking at us as an organization, it just didn’t seem possible.”
    Jarrod Sinclair

    Chief Architect, Prodea

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