Case Study


Arrayent is an Internet of Things platform for consumer brands

The Client

Arrayent is an Internet of Things platform for consumer brands that want to quickly and securely deliver connected products and systems to market. By transforming ordinary products into integrated devices, Arrayent helps their customers create new opportunities and innovative products.

Customer Challenge

Arrayent wanted to move to a new deployment model that would allow them to release products faster and incrementally. The new design had to provide a fully automated solution for development and production and full backward compatibility with the company's existing architecture.

The Solution

We used Ansible to provision all necessary AWS resources such as VPCs and network components, as well as AWS services including VM, RDS, and S3. Docker allowed us to streamline the software deployment process and ensure that containers provisioned via Ansible onto dedicated VMs were backward compatible. nClouds also designed and implemented a Jenkins-based CI platform to facilitate ECS.

The Results

Our solution led to a reduction of errors in Arrayent's software stack. We significantly reduced their development turnaround times and gave them the ability to engage with their customers through the implementation of robust PoC environments.

Architecture outlook

The company currently deploys its software in container form to dedicated VMs. However, future iterations will remove the need for a dedicated host and a container-based service architecture. nClouds will evaluate potential solutions such as ECS and Nomad, and create a more dynamic configuration management process to standardizeArrayent's resource settings.

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