Why run Microsoft workloads on AWS?

26May,22 Post Image

The answer to the titled question is simple: Because Windows has an excellent operating system, and AWS provides extra benefits and cost savings. Customers have been running Microsoft workloads on AWS for more than 12 years, longer than any cloud provider. One of AWS’s benefits includes hosting a Windows platform with the ability to launch […]

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Future-proof your database workloads with Amazon Aurora Serverless v2

03Dec,20 Post Image

By Kireet Kokala, VP Big Data & Analytics at nClouds On December 1 at AWS re:Invent 2020, AWS announced Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 availability in preview for the MySQL 5.7-compatible edition of Amazon Aurora (Aurora). The Aurora Serverless v2 preview can easily be accessed by filling out the following form:  https://pages.awscloud.com/AmazonAuroraServerlessv2Preview.html In this blog, I’ll […]

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