Goodbye SSH, hello Session Manager

21Oct,20 Post Image

Interactive shell access to cloud or data center environments is a must in many corporate businesses. It must also be supported in a secure, auditable manner, often programmatic or via scripting, and with strong access controls. The AWS public cloud began with Amazon EC2-Classic and networking was much simpler back then, since you could only […]

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How to build a Well-Architected SaaS solution that’s resilient to failure

02Oct,20 Post Image

Is your business part of the fast-growing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market? This market is on fire — Gartner recently cited SaaS as the largest segment (at 41%) of the worldwide public cloud market, with a 2020 forecast of nearly $105 billion that’s forecast to grow to nearly $141 billion in 2022. That’s an 11.3% CAGR between […]

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How to automate testing and deployment of your SaaS infrastructure

02Oct,20 Post Image

One of the most common situations we see when architecting and implementing SaaS solutions on AWS is a lack of automated testing on the infrastructure side. At nClouds, we help SaaS businesses build robust infrastructure solutions in an automated way, and I’ll describe in this post how you can do the same. We believe that […]

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